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As a startup or a large corporation, there are various events that you have to organise to boost the morale of your employees, increase networking and gain more contacts for people to know about your firm, organisation, etc. These events could include many different activities depending on the crowd/ audience or on the theme of the event. For example, with the pandemic and homes turning into offices with unending calls and no fixed schedule, the employees have had a tough time with motivation. Therefore, hiring motivational guest speakers in such cases can ensure a more significant audience attendance and enhance the employees’ mood.

There are certain things that you should consider when you are hiring a guest speaker for your event. If their experience matches your company’s needs, hiring a footballer for an IT company wouldn’t make much sense. Hiring a footballer who has been through a lot to be where they are can inspire school kids to achieve their goals and ambitions. Similarly, it would help if you also considered the popularity of the guest speaker. A popular guest speaker guarantees more attendance which in return helps you promote your brand or company to a larger audience.

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There are various benefits to hiring a guest speaker for your event:

Inspire Employees– With a stricter market and the sales not being at the best place, employee morale is at an all-time low, negatively affecting the working environment and indirectly impacting the production levels. Motivational speakers inspire your employees in more challenging states by sharing their experiences and ways of dealing with setbacks in life and what they have achieved after that. The employees may feel that they are not contributing enough to the organisation, which can also affect work negatively. Motivational speakers help employees understand their importance in the organisation and increase their confidence

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Lighten Up The Mood– Motivational speakers that are funny and know how a crowd works are beneficial to companies with a stressful working environment with excessive workloads and deadlines. When some things are unavoidable, like handling the client’s needs, you can try a different approach to helping your employees. For example, organising events with funny speakers can temporarily lighten up the mood. This helps the employees get a fresh start and helps them refocus on their work.

Balance– If the event’s theme is to share experiences and introduce companies to the world, it can get a little too intense for the crowd. A motivational speaker can help engage with the crowd, all while creating a balance in the event. More than focusing on the technical context of the program, the speakers focus on more critical necessary skills that are more difficult to acquire. For example, soft skills like leadership and communication are essential aspects of working in the industry that many people overlook but are some things the speakers can address.

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Final Thoughts

Motivational guest speakers not only inspire the crowd or enhance their mood but also focus on helping the employees understand the organisation’s values and how their perspectives could be a barrier between them and their career growth. Hiring a guest speaker that has handled events or audiences like your organisation can benefit you more than any other. You can also consider their passion for the event’s theme as a factor in their performance.


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